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CCR Stockman 8033E - ASA# 3297708

New herd sire purchased with Broken Bar M Ranch as the high-selling bull at Cow Camp Ranch in 2018.

CFC Cornerstone M71, AAA +*19261329

Selected by Neiman Cattle Co. and Hould Angus Ranch as the high-selling bull of our 2019 sale, Cornerstone is a double bred Right Time that sires tremendous...

CFC Fusion 8MT1, AAA +19582587

Selected by Neiman Cattle Co. and Hould Angus Ranch from our 2020 sale, Fusion is a full brother to the feature Redland herdsire McCumber Tremendous 2008 who...

CFC Good News A91, AAA# 19911216

Selected by 9R Land & Cattle and Cody Chrisman out of the 2021 sale as an extremely balanced individual both visually and on paper.

CFCC Double Fleck 539 - ASA# 3206164

Double Fleck is a very unique outcross bull that sold in our 2017 sale to Roundtree Ranch.

CFCC Godfather 916G, ASA# 3696642

Selected by Jeff Fouts out of our 2021 sale, Godfather is proving to be a consistent sire of rapid growth with style...

CFCC Weighmaker 638 - ASA# 3233621

This Trinity son was a highlight of the 2018 sale going to the Regehr family. Expect the muscle and eye-appeal of his sire, but with more growth performance.

JGM Free Lunch 837F, ASA# 3582678

We have been fortunate to use Free Lunch both AI and natural service over the past couple years. This bull is unique in the amount of calving ease he offers relative to growth and overall mass.

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