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C F C Dixie Erica 8A2 - AAA# +16229762

This tremendous young daughter of the 796C cow records a birth ratio of 98 and nursing ratio of 108 on her first 3 calves with a calving interval of 369 days.

CM Dixie Erica 796C - AAA# +12042106

796C is high volume, structurally correct brood cow with a tremendous production record.

Miss Wix 2022 HC Mc Cumber - AAA# +14201203

This proven pathfinder dam is considered the greatest Miss Wix since her legendary pathfinder granddam Miss Wix 365 of McCumber

Sinclair Primrose 16X3 Z194 - AAA# +14587258

This productive cow records 8 calves at 100 BR, 101 WR and 102 YR.

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