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Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska


Chrisman Cattle Services offers a wide range of services to suit your needs. Below is a list of some of our services, along with a brief description. If you would like more information on what we have to offer you, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss.

Through the use of Larges Portable AI Barns we are capable of breeding large numbers of cattle in a short time, up to 60 per hour depending on the working facilities. That being said, quality of job still takes priority over the speed in which we get done.

The rate we charge depends on the size of the job and whether or not we provide the semen for the project. Generally, you can expect from $3.50 to $10 per head. As a rule of thumb we charge double to put in non-ABS semen.

We have serviced over 20,000 head in the past 3 years. Put our experience to work for you. Call for references from our current customers.

Insemination Services

Travis and Kelli Chrisman - Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska Artificial Insemination

One of the strengths of CCS is our approach to sire selection. We realize that each customer has a unique production situation. Differences in forage resources, cow herd breed composition, calving date and marketing goals can advocate the use of an entirely different bull from one ranch to the next.

That is why we prefer a systems approach to sire selection versus picking a bull with the most extreme EPD’s.


Travis is employed as a part-time GTS evaluator for ABS. This unique situation allows him to see several sire groups throughout the country. It gives us a very good idea as to how most sires are performing in traits that aren’t measured by EPD’s, important traits such as muscling, capacity, fleshing ability, structure, udder conformation and teat size.


These “necessity” traits are what keep you profitable for the long term.

Travis would be glad to visit your herd and objectively assess its utility as well as learn more about your feed resources, marketing plan and management situation. Then we can best help you select a bull that will keep your cow herd on track, while still giving you a more valuable calf to market.

Sire Selection

Sire Selection Travis and Kelli Chrisman - Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

CCS has the knowledge and experience to match the best synchronization program for your unique A.I. project. Whether your goal is maximum conception rate or minimum labor and expense, we can suggest the best protocol for you.

We provide instructional calendars to each client that we breed for. These calendars outline each task that needs to be completed along with the proper dates and times to perform them in order for the project to be successful. We will also provide calendars upon request to those who purchase semen from us and breed their own cattle.

We realize that sometimes the amount of labor required to complete a synchronization and breeding project can seem overwhelming. If you do not have the time or labor resources please let us know and we will help you get the job done.

Estrus Synchronization Program Planning

Estrus Synchronization Planning Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

Although we believe that fixed time A.I. is the most cost effective way of getting a breeding project done we realize that certain situations may warrant heat detection.

We are trained in heat detection and offer it as a service. Rates depend on the number of head and quality of sorting facilities.

Heat Detection

Heat Detection Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

We have 2 portable 2 stall breeding barns and a portable squeeze chute that are available for rental and customer use. We also have a portable alley-way that we put behind our barn in certain situations. These barns help keep the cattle calm and make the job safer for everyone involved. They provide a better place for semen preparation that is out of the weather. We strongly believe that they improve our conception rates.

Call for rental availability and rates.

If you do not own a semen tank and do not wish to purchase one, but know how to AI and would like to breed your own cattle, then consider renting a tank from us to store your ABS semen. We have several available and are willing to rent them for a small fee. After the breeding season is over we will store your unused ABS semen free of charge until the next year.

Equipment & Semen Tank Rental

Equipment and Semen Tank Rental Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

We run a nitrogen service route through southwest Nebraska and surrounding areas twice per year. We will service tanks with 6 month storage capacity on your farm or ranch. All tanks with a shorter storage life can be serviced by storing them at our place near Wauneta, NE when you are not using them.

You are responsible for checking the levels on the tanks at your place and we frequently check the tanks stored at our place.

Nitrogen Service

Nitrogen Service Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

We can help you place your calves or feeder cattle through our network of buyers and feedyards who are looking for quality genetics. 

Call for more information.

Cattle Marketing Services

Cattle Marketing Service Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

Let us help you find and purchase your walking bulls and replacement cows or heifers. We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and create a long-range plan for genetics improvement that includes both semen and herd bulls as well as replacement females. 


Call for details.

Replacement Bull and Female Procurement

Replacement Bull and Femal Procurement Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

When not breeding cattle, Travis spends some time traveling the U.S. as a GTS evaluator for ABS. In the past several years he has been on numerous ranches in 25 states. This allows him to see more cattle than most people and improves his ability to make recommendations to you. More Information About GTS

In the summer of 2007 Travis spent time cross-training with a group of Australians. He taught them the GTS system and they in turn taught him how to evaluate foot shape and angle – two traits that are of extreme interest for Australian producers.

If you desire we can evaluate individual animals in your herd or do a general audit of the entire herd to determine strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed with sire selection

GTS Evaluator

GTS Evaluator Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska
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