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Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

Getting You On The Right Track

Your one-stop shop for semen, synchronization and artificial insemination services and more in Southwest Nebraska and surrounding areas. 

...we are confident that artificial insemination coupled with a planned synchronization program is the most cost effective way to create VALUABLE pregnancies in your cow herd.

We are in the business because:

How is this value created?

Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska Sire Selection Services

We can utilize the most PROVEN sires from your breed of choice to reach specific goals that are economically relevant to your operation.

Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska Insemination Services

 With AI you get all of this for less dollars per pregnancy than buying

even a below average


Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska Estrus Synchronization Program Planning

Forget the advantages of using a PROVEN bull and we would still be bullish on AI programs that utilize estrus synchronization.

Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

Synchronization programs combined with proper nutrition and health management will help return later calving cows back to heat sooner which results in more calves born during the first 21 days of the breeding season that will in turn be older and heavier on payday

Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska
Contact Us Today

Now, we realize that an AI program doesn’t fit the management and labor scenarios of every ranching operation. However, give us a call and we would be glad to discuss how and if we might be able to help improve your breeding program. Please don’t hesitate if you are outside our territory. We will do what we can to help or direct you to someone closer to you.

No matter where you are, we want to help.

CCS is owned and operated by Travis and Kelli Chrisman and is located 10 miles southwest of Wauneta, just 3 miles off of Hwy 61. Chrisman Cattle Services, Inc. (CCS) was established in 2004 with the acquisition of the ABS breeding business from Larges Cattle Services.


Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska Travis and Kelli Chrisman Family
Chrisman Cattle Services Nebraska

Featured Partnerships

We sell mineral and feed products for Mizer Milling of Atwood, Kansas
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