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Hooks Trinity 9T - ASA# 2389750
75% Simmental, 25% Angus

  Nichols Legacy G151
Hooks Shear Force 38K
  C&D Tracy
  Bon View New Design 878
Hooks Pearl 22-P

Trinity is a highly proven calving ease SimAngus bull that we have used A.I. on both heifers and cows.  He offers top 1% calving ease while still being in the top third for weaning and yearling growth.  However we feel the real strength of the bull is maternal as he ranks in the top 10% for maternal calving ease and top 2% for stayability while being breed average for milk which we feel is optimum.  Compositionally these cattle have muscle (top 3% ribeye) and length.  They are long-necked, level-topped and very attractive.
Son - CFCC Weighmaker 638 at 15 months Son - JGM Credible 510C