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Cole Creek Full Bore 730 - AAA# 16720408
100% Angus

  C H Quantum 6247
Cole Creek Black Cedar 46P
  Cole Creek Clova Juanada 67
  HBR Encore 0544
Cole Creek S G Jumboleen 76P
  Cole Creek Jumboleen 876

This outcross performance bull was selected in partnership with Broken Bar M Ranch and Neiman Cattle Co. from the 2011 Cole Creek Angus sale where he made history as their highest selling bull ever.  We appreciate the fact that this bull was produced from a herd that runs in a very tough "real world" brown grass environment, yet he still offers breed leading growth performance that we can verify with steer progeny fed to finish.  He sires length with great muscle expression and tremendous masculinity.  Semen available.
Full Bore as a yearling Son - C F C Pistoleer 2C31 at 3 years Daughter - C F CPrimrose 2CF4 pictured as a wet 2