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C F C Powertrain 3A3 - AAA# +17872655
100% Angus

  Sitz Alliance 6595
H A Power Alliance 1025
  H A Rito Lady 4167
  N Bar Emulation EXT
Sitz Pride 2188
  Sitz Pride 838

Pictured at 3 this bull is a strong representation of the best in Rito and Emulation breeding.  His proven sire is a true curve bending bull that ranks in the top 15% of the breed for carcass weight, but then can shut it down as his daughters rank in the lightest 20% of the breed for mature weight.  Equally as important they may have the best hoof shape and depth of heel of any Angus bull we have used.  His EXT dam is a model Angus range cow with flawless production, recording 10 calves at a 96 birth ration, 11 at 102 weaning ratio and 9 at 105 yearling ratio.  She was still very sound and in embryo production the last time I saw her at 17 years of age.

Sitz Pride 2188 - Dam

Powertrain 3A3 at 15 months