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CFCC Weighmaker 638 - ASA# 3233621
37.5% Simmental, 62.5% Angus

  Hooks Shear Force 38K
Hooks Trinity 9T
  Hooks Pearl 22-P
  O C C Echelon 857E
C F C Lady 1E4
  C F C Lady 9X2 of 3M19

Weighmaker is a homozygous black and polled son of Trinity that we raised.  We expect him to sire more performance than his sire with 112 weaning and 110 yearling ratios.  Adding to our confidence is the fact that his dam has brought 4 calves with average weaning and yearling ratios of 106 and 105 respectively and the quality has been tremendous.  Her first calf was a heifer that is at the top of our young cows.  Her second calf was our high selling Full Bore son in 2016 and in 2017 her Tanker son was the high selling bull of the entire sale going to Sam Lee.  She is a 5 frame score cow that weighs 1350#.  We have used this bull A.I. this fall and look forward to offering you sons in 2020.  Semen Available.
Dam - C F C Lady 1E4 CFCC Weighmaker 638 - at 15 months