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CFCC Good Fortune 3PU8A - ASA# 3319222
50% Simmental, 50% Angus

  Hooks Shear Force 38K
Triple C Singletary S3H
  Lucas Josie 19K
  Sinclair Grass Master
C F C Enchantress 1G1
  N Bar Enchantress S C C 2V6

Good Fortune is a homeraised bull that was selected by the Cornelius Family out of our 2015 sale.  Dave called me after he weaned this fall and told me I had to come up and see the calves out of this bull.  After looking through them I agreed with his excitement.  The heifers were big ribbed and feminine and the steers had muscle and pounds.  Better yet, there were no sort-offs in the group.  I jumped at the opportunity to use the bull natural service on our fall cows.  Based on the quality of Dave's calves and the half sisters we have by Singletary we decided to use him A.I. also.  Semen Available.
Sire - Triple C Singletary S3H Dam - C F C Enchantress 1G1