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CFCC Double Fleck 539 - ASA# 3206164
50% Simmental, 50% Angus

  O C C Jet Stream 825J
OCC Jetfleck 133N
  Miss Arnold C5368
  O C C Paxton 730P
  MFI Frieda 9108

Double Fleck is a very unique outcross bull that sold in our 2017 sale to Kiley and Caitlin Roundtree.  He is unique in the fact that he is a 50% Fleckvieh Simmental bull that is homozygous polled and solid black (red gene carrier).  We admire the Fleckvieh cattle for their superior base width, volume and fleshing ability.  His sire the Jet Fleck bull has consistently sired moderate birth weight calves that turn into very productive cows.  This bull performed well on test with weaning and yearling ratios of 110 and 103 respectively.  His dam has been a solid producer with 4 calves at 105 weaning ratio.  She is a long-made, sound moving 1275# range cow.  We have used this bull A.I.  Semen Available.
Dam - CFC-JGM Frieda Y109 with him fall 2015 Sire - OCC Jetfleck 133N