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C C A Emblazon 702 - AAA# 15980098
100% Angus

  D H D Traveler 6807
O C C Emblazon 854E
  Dixie Erica of C H 1019
  Hyline Right Time 338
Limestone Blackcap R128
  Three Trees Blackcap 3337

We have used "702" A.I. and have been very impressed with the results.  The following is an excerpt from the Spring Cove Ranch web site as they know the bull better than anyone.
"He adds calving ease with muscle without giving up carcass quality & fertility. He posts average progeny ratios in 57 herds 609 progeny @ 99 birth, 100 weaning, and 101 yearling. %IMF: 104, Rib: 99 and 101 daughters in 13 herds weaned calves at 101 average ratio. Emblazon 702 sons will add pounds to your calf crop while keeping the replacement females easy keeping and moderate. His daughters are fabulous, have excellent udder conformation and are designed to thrive on our western range. At 9 years of age he is still producing semen and being collected at World West Sires in Joliet, Montana. There has been no other sire who has had such a positive impact on the Spring Cove cowherd and we will continue to use him for years to come. Semen available through Spring Cove Ranch."

Dam - Limestone Blackcap R128 2-year-old daughter - CFC Miss Wix 6M9 Daughter - CFC Miss Wix 6M10 with 1st calf